BOC GENIE® Cylinders

The revolutionary new GENIE® cylinder from BOC now available


BOC  GENIE® cylinders are available for collection from our cash & carry, from your local BOC agent or delivered to your premises.

Please contact us on 0141 337 3373 for the latest price


With its unique appearance it doesn’t look like other balloon gas cylinders either.

The GENIE® gas cylinder has been designed to be more portable and contain more gas than standard cylinders while being lighter and more portable than any other cylinder on the market.

Whether you’re retailing balloons, decorating an event or preparing your child’s party, the GENIE® cylinder can meet your needs.

The chart shows the different cylinders which we can supply


  10L & 20L GENIE cylinder with Balloon Gas rimGENIE Cylinder Balloon Size Select Table


Interactive display indicates remaining gas


Blue GENIE® gas cylinder digital display

The market leading digital display tells you how much gas is remaining meaning you will never run out of gas unexpectedly again!

Digital display screen the remaining gas at the simple touch of a button, which helps manage gas requirements.

Built-in alarm detects low gas before it runs out – the low contents alarm sounds when there is only 25% or 10% gas remaining and when the cylinder is empty.

No more running out in the middle of the job.

Lightweight equals easy portability

GENIE cylinders are lightweight and easy to carry around.

Less weight, less to lift.

GENIE® automotive leaflet

Protective handles prevent regulator damage

Easy-grip robust cylinder handles protect the valve and regulator, which prevents damage and costly replacement.

Large blue BOC generic GENIE® gas cylinder

Attachable wheels means it’s more portable than ever before.

Health and Safety

All other cylinders must be restrained to a wall or trolley with a chain while in use – The GENIE®  cylinder DOES NOT.

Discharge your Health and Safety liability when at jobs by using a GENIE®  cylinder.

DO NOT put you or your customers at risk from a falling cylinder – use a GENIE®and be safe!


The video below shows how to use the GENIE®