Helium Gas

We have large stocks of balloon gas cylinders, latex and foil filling kits for rent or purchase

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The number of balloons that you can inflate from a single cylinder is relevant to the size of the balloon.

The chart below shows the number of balloons which can be filled from BOC cylinders.

Genie Cylinders (Lightweight)                                 Traditional Steel Cylinders

These are available from our Cash & Carry Warehouse in Glasgow or we can deliver to you direct to you anywhere in the U.K. mainland.

Our nation-wide delivery capability means that you can have Balloons & Gas within a day or two of placing your order.

Genie cylinders are half the weight of steel cylinders and contain more gas than a steel cylinder 

They DO NOT require to be restrained to meet Health and Safety regulations therefore are much safer in use than BOC steel cylinders or Air Products cylinders

For safety and economy we recommend Genie cylinders – Click HERE to see more about Genie Cylinders

Please note that if you currently have a rental agreement with another company if you wish to swap to a Genie cylinder Balloons and Gas Ltd will break your rental handcuffs and no rental charges are paid while you are paying rental elsewhere.

We also stock and supply Air Products Cylinders

This chart shows cylinder capacities

These cylinders are half the weight of steel cylinders and contain more gas, although the cost of gas is proportionally higher.

They have built in analogue gauges and non standard quick fit connectors.

Cannot be used with conventional, standard connectors